Soon after marrying in 2000, my wife and I bought our first home–a fixer-upper if there ever was one.  In 18 months and with lots of sweat equity, we sold our house for a tidy profit.  Bitten by the renovation bug, we then started moving, renovating, and selling every two years to cash in our real-estate profits.   Eventually, my wife got tired of packing eveything up and living through the mess of renovtions, so I started looking for projects other than our personal homes.  

Whether it was great timing, good luck, hard work, or a combination of all of the above, we decided to venture into investing in more real estate just as the real estate market began softening.  A great eye for value where others couldn’t see it, some hard work, and cold hard cash allowed us to start buying deep-value real estate assests.  We wanted to investigate every aspect of the real estate arena to see what was the best fit, so we  did renovation flips, bought rentals, build custom homes for sale and for clients, and did hard money lending to other investors.  Just like any other investment portfolio, diversification is the key, and we learned a mix of all was the right path to sucess.

Others began to take notice of our success.  After the third or fourth time a friend asked us for help–whether in a renovation project or analyzing a real estate purchase for investment, we decided this could be a legitimate business.  It was at one of my famous Friday Morning Breakfast Club meetings with a friend I decided to launch FMBC Investments!