With the global financial meltdown, banks have tightened their belts, to say the least.  In today’s climate, even those with high credit worthiness, lots of cash for a hefty downpayment, and a great income are having trouble obtaining loans in the real estate investment category.  Common sense lending has definitely left the building!  Enter FMBC Investments.

FMBC Investments assists investors in short term lending for real estate deals where the traditional financial insitutions will not or can not perform quickly enough.  How do we do it?  One teaspoon of common sense lending and two tablespoons of knowledge (we are in the business, too, so we understand).

Here are a few of the reasons you should contact us to see if we can assist you:

  • No appraisal fee
  • Over 100% financing available, so you can buy AND renovate.
  • No laundry list of costly bureauracy fees that seem to be in place only to cover the financial institutions lack of knowledge about your real estate deal.
  • Quick and painless closings with local professional closing attorneys.  Some loans we have placed within days to help ensure the investor doesn’t lose the deal of a lifetime.
  • INTEREST ONLY payments.
  • Our loans save your lines of credits and other cash reserves to run your business more efficiently or do more deals.