We hold a number of rental properties throughout Tennessee, but always uncovering new ones.  In fact, in early 2011, we surpassed the 100 house ownership threshold, so I guess you could say we just aren’t “tire kickers”.  Some houses we buy and  some we offer as wholesale turn-key opportunities to investors.

One thing is certain, we are constantly finding great cash-flow deals in this economic climate because we have contacts everywhere; we know about deals before most so-called professionals in the industry even get a sniff.  From the one off purchase deal to the multi-million dollar packaged deal, we can offer some assistance no matter your budget.  So if you are interested in establishing or just expanding your real estate rental holdings, give us a call.

University Town at Martin (Martin, TN)


In 2010, FMBC Investments was presented with the possibility of purchasing an entire rental home subdivision directly from the bank that foreclosed on the property.  After a little investigative work and a reasonable due diligence period, the property was purchase under a newly formed entity FMBC Investments called University Town at Martin.   

Situated on a sprawling 23 acre site, University Town at Martin is conveniently located about a mile from the University of Tennessee at Martin on the Northwestern corner of campus and within walking distance to the Super Wal-Mart.  With 73 individual homes to choose from, these newly constructed brick homes boast spacious floor plans ranging from 3 bedroom/2 baths units to 4 bedroom/2 baths units. 

With a little renovation, a name change, and rebranding of the property, we achieved near capacity on the rentals as of the start of the 2011 UT Martin school year.  Visit the website to find out more information about this property at www.UTMartinRentals.com

As always, if you are interested in being involved with a tremendous investment opportunity like this, contact us.